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5 crucial questions to ask when searching for the right human resources consultant

Hundreds and thousands of businesses, no matter multi-national corporations or local SMEs, are making human resources decisions every year. Most of these businesses adhere to traditional recruitment systems which cost them dearly in terms of time and money while the results are always disappointing since they do not have a better solution that provides them with efficient and effective assistance. We believe there are no one-size-fits-all systems for every company. However, there are 5 crucial questions to ask yourself and your human resources partners in your recruitment exercise.
These 5 questions are:
1. How do we choose the right human resources consultants? Do you look for them online? How long have they been in the industry? How good is their reputation? Do they receive positive comments? Can they save time and money for you?
2. What kind of human resources consultant do we need? Those who are famous? Those who put emphasis on social responsibilities? Those who provide sufficient candidates with quality? Those who save time and money for you? Those who have a sizable network?
3. Do we need a human resources consultant? This is a key consideration. In the budgeting and human resources development planning of individual business units, only you understand the culture, requirements and needs of your own corporation. You have to think twice whether a fancy data analysis report is what you need for human resources development every year.
4. Can human resources consultants improve our relationship with employees? Research findings show that tension or insufficient communication is common in most employer-employee relationships. However, a lot of companies turn a blind eye to this reality as time and money are required to improve such relationships. Nowadays, most young employees prefer to develop their career through part-time or temporary contracts. Some human resources consultants provide on-the-job training and career- orientation service to enable potential employees or candidates to fit in the hiring units, creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees.
5. What services and support level can we expect? Only a few hours are required to start your partnership with a human resources consultant. You need months or over a year for recruitment and training projects if you stick to traditional methods. However, no matter which method you employ, human resources consultants render service and support throughout the recruitment process. Services provided by human resources consultants are always worth considering. In reality, price level should not be the prime factor when considering human resources solutions. It is unrealistic to expect each and every candidate referred by human resources consultants is a suitable employee because of external factors and timing. But one thing is certain, they are professional human resources consultants.
Choosing to bank on a human resources consultant is a crucial decision. In order to choose the right human resources consultant who is capable of fulfilling your requirements, it is worth spending time to understand your human resources partner. Please contact our human resources development consultant for inquiries. We are eager to provide you with the most suitable solutions!


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